For those that know this has been a pet project of mine for a very long time. I wanted to create a zine just because I felt like it. I started with the mini zine format that only uses one sheet of paper. It is economical and lets face it kinda cute. So I embarked on this journey some time ago…last year, and I could never get it right, and honestly I still don’t think I have it right. But the version I have come up with so far I am really proud of.

Now I am going to try and scan a copy of it into the computer so that you all can see. Here it goes, if you don’t hear anything more from me it means I blew up my computer cuz I really don’t know what I am doing at this point lol.

So, it is called SPILLING FIRE and it at the moment is a small collection of things that are me. A bit of poetry, a recipe, some quotes that speak to me, etc. I am really hoping that now that I am almost finished (I have to do the cover and the final page) my inaugural issue I will be able to come to a more definitive idea of what I really want it to be like and start making regular issues of them.  If any of you would like a copy please email me your address and I will mail you one.

Inaugural mini zine

Well please let me know what you think. I know the copy isn’t very good but like I said before I really don’t know what I am doing lol. I still want to add some doodles and I have to do the cover and the last page, but basically that is what we have so far.