So it has been a month since my last post. Life has really been getting in the way of this blog lately. The ideas I had for it were so lovely in my head and I really thought I could make them a reality but my inspiration left me soon after I started. I tried to do a journal challenge for myself but I couldn’t even get the creative juices to work for me there either. I tried I got a few pages done in any case.

I look at other blogs and they have theme days and give aways and cool pics and things like that. I still don’t even know what I want this blog to even be about. Maybe that is my problem. My blog isn’t cohesive it is just a mess kinda like me sometimes lmao. I want this blog to be about me but it doesn’t necessarily have to be as scatterbrained does it?

Well hopefully the followers I have can be patient enough with me to stick around and maybe I will be able to find something to attract new followers…