So a couple of really awesome things:

1. The least important of the bunch but I found my art journal so I can FINALLY continue on with my art journal challenge that I gave myself and if any of you would like to join in that would be awesome too. More on that on the official art journal challenge day which of course is tomorrow.

2. MY SON IS ALMOST FINISHED!!!! As I mentioned a little bit ago my son has been battling cancer and he is finally after 3.5 years finished he chemotherapy tomorrow night. He will get his last dose tomorrow before bed and he will NEVER have to take it again!!! He has an 80% cure rate for his cancer and the severity of his case. So I am really optimistic about it. and yes I know that should be number one it is in my heart!!

3. I won a giveaway on a fantastic blog (sorry still don’t know how to make links I really should learn that it seems pretty basic) And she sent me these fantastic markers that I have never had the pleasure of using before. They are TOMBOW dual ended marker/pens. They are fabulous for journaling and doodling.
I got the groovy colours…beautiful. So that was pretty exciting for me too.

Well that is it for tonight I will be back tomorrow to post the details for the rejuvenation of the art journal challenge!!!

Happy Creating