Well, so far I have not managed to bring out my main art journal in almost a month. I have no idea what is going on with me. I have all these ideas for pages in my head and then POOF!! They disappear. I really want to start a personal journal challenge that of course anyone is welcome to do as well but I can’t get the motor running! My mother always said don’t start anything until a Monday…so on Monday no more procrastinating!!!

Next on my new list of nonsense lol is the coolest thing ever (in my opinion right now :0) I recently got a mini zine in the mail and I thought it was brilliant. Perfect for a short bus ride or relax with. Just 8 small short pages and whatever the author wants to put in it. Of course knowing me I jump right on the band wagon and think that I am cut out to create one myself. So I have this grand working plan in my trusty moleskine (which by the way I think are totally over priced, yes they are good quality however still wickedly over priced…but they do always seem to have the perfect size and number of pages don’t they.)I have no idea what possesses me to jump in with both feet all the time. I am determined though!!

In fact on my new ‘net’ friends website Careless in the Care of God I found a cool thing called 101 things in 1001 days (http://www.dayzeroproject.com/)(like I have said before I have no idea how to make a link and put in whatever word I want so it still works lol) So that challenge is my plan and what are going to be the first two things on the list…..

MY journal challenge and MY mini zine

So Monday here I come!!!!