Two of my three children listen to her music and watch her on Hannah Montana. I saw the video for her new single yesterday and I must say that for me it is a little more Britney Spears than Lady Gaga. The song is catchy and the video isn’t horrible, artistically it is actually really well done. But for her age I am not sure if I think it is appropriate. I wouldn’t let either one of my kids watch the video based solely on the content, not that I want them to stop listening to her or anything like that. They are just not old enough to watch that kind of video by any artist no matter who they are or how old they are.

Miley is very talented and beautiful. I think her artistic expression should be her decision. I just don’t want to see her follow in the same footsteps as Britney, Lindsay, or any other young star that has taken a nose-dive down that slippery slope. She used to come across as very down to earth and then some how she seems to have lost all of that. Maybe part of it has to do with living on your own in a large home at 17. I would love to see her stay true to who she is and a wholesome role model for the young kids that still listen and watch with the utmost attention. I think as parents they need to stay a little bit closer to her. No one should be in such a hurry to grow up.