Well, as I am sitting here I am still trying very hard to come up with something to write or art journal or something. I have started to read through some of my older stuff to hopefully get into the mindframe to write something again. HOLY CRAP!! A lot of my stuff is/was dark and dreary but I really wasn’t. It is amazing I think that I could write about love, and hate, dark and horrid but always at a time when I never felt any of it. Strange!!!

Well still nothing has come to my head to write or do. I would love to art journal a page but I am in desperate need of some supplies. So I guess that one will have to wait. I could write something, but I have absolutely no clue as to what. I haven’t had a good idea in a long time.

Today I post something old and random from my collection.

Red burns
through my soul
Your hands hold
Vicious thoughts
Clutter my mind
Vengence guides
My heart
Is poison